Friday, January 25, 2008

Ron Paul for 2008

This is going to be a temporary blog on which I will post about Ron Paul, and why I support him for United States President. It will seek to educate the minds of Americans in general, and Christians in particular, as to why they should support him. He has been under fire by the media, if he has received much coverage at all. But he is deliberately ignored. This blog is an attempt to make up for their defunct coverage of the upcoming presidential election.

Go Dr. No, and God bless America!


dorina said...


I salute your blog. Congratulations!
There is nothing more I want this year to happen other than having a whole nation voting for Ron Paul.
However, just like you are writing, deliberately, he is ignored by media.
What can be done though, when so many people are ignorant to politics, do not go to vote, and do not get educated on major things which sooner or later will affect their life? The system keeps them that way for convenience.
Let’s hope for the big change!

Hercules Mulligan said...

Hello Dorina! Great to hear from another supporter of Ron Paul!

I am only just beginning to write posts on this blog, which, it is hoped, will contribute to the enlightenment of public opinion concerning Ron Paul.

As you can see, the blog is just the bare bones of what I hope to make over the course of this year. So in the mean time, I will just give you some links, if you are interested.

I wrote two articles about Ron Paul on two of my other blogs:

Why I Support Ron Paul for President

Ron Paul Is Right

And this blog has a LOT of good information on Ron Paul, the Election, and what the media isn't telling you:

The guy who runs this blog gave a great lecture in support of Ron Paul and Paul's positions.

Some other videos about Ron Paul can be found on Patrick Buchanan's blog here.

I include these for the interest of anyone who wants just some idea of Ron Paul, but is waiting for this blog to get up and going.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. Your comment was very well-written, and very perceptive!

As I continue building this blog, I will remember to link to yours.

dorina said...

What may be done to make media turn its head towards all candidates? As long as they talk about 3-4 contenders at all times, how will Ron Paul gain publicity?
I can see all retirees getting their tea and playing chess or God knows what else, talking about what they hear on radio and TV. Or others read the newspaper, nothing wrong there, but the paper has the same content as radio or TV, plus huge sales at Macy's.
All others are getting about their jobs and sometimes talk about candidates. Among them, 10% get onto the web and read Ed Griffin's news and views, and even a smaller percentage will read about Ron Paul.

This is the average voter. I have asked people if they'll vote for Ron Paul.
I will let you guess the answer.

Let's look at how many people stopped by your blog and threw a comment in there.
Are they afraid to write an opinion? This attitude is common in all communist countries.
Are they lazy?
Too many questions and no answers….

Fida Abbott said...

Hello Hercules,

Thank you for your recent visit. Glad to see you there.
A lot of rain in PA right now. It is OK, so I don't need to water all my plants, he,he...

How is your spring???